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Surrogacy Abroad Inc. has helped hundreds of Intended Parents achieve their dreams of parenthood. Indeed, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from other surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics across the globe because we can proudly claim that we were the first international surrogacy agency that brought the process of surrogacy at affordable rates to many Intended Parents how could not achieve this dream before.

Apart from being the first international surrogacy agency in the United States, we have exclusive partnerships with the most elite clinics in India and Bangkok. Our reputed name in the world of medical tourism is due to the success rates of Intended Parents taking their babies back home, happy and safe. Our team of staff as well as doctors help Intended Parents feel at ease, and make sure that they are given the red carpet treatment they deserve, with excellent medical care to the surrogate, top of the line clinics, and one on one communication with each and every Intended Parent.

Indeed, it is for these reasons that we continue to strive to be the best surrogacy agency. Our main goal is to always have Intended Parents go back home with a bundle of joy in their hands!

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One aspect that makes Surrogacy Abroad Inc. stand out amongst other surrogacy agencies is our unique and strong bond with our partner clinics. Our clinics boast the best doctors that India and Thailand have to offer.

SAI works closely with the doctors to make sure that Intended Parents are continuously in the know about how their surrogate mother is doing. The success of SAI largely corresponds to the transparency that intended parents see between the agency as well as the partner clinics.

Our clinics take pride in every Intended Parent’s dream of parenthood! Together, SAI and their partner clinics endeavor to make many people’s dreams of parenthood come true!

Surrogacy Abroad Inc. is the only international surrogacy agency who guides its Intended Parents from start to finish, including assisting parents through the exit process in India and Thailand at the affordable cost that we prides ourselves in.

For our team at SAI, we care about each Intended Parent and how important their journey of parenthood is. For this reason, we take it as our duty to make the surrogacy journey as hassle-free as possible, especially since most of our Intended Parents are not familiar with the culture of India and Thailand. We have team members in both countries ensuring that each IP feels comfortable and at ease as they land at the airport all the way to their exit with their babies on the way back to their home countries.

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Surrogacy Abroad Inc. now has an office set up in Bangkok for the reason being that Thailand is a country that currently has no surrogacy laws or regulations preventing gay or single parents from having a child via the means of surrogacy. Indeed, Thailand is the best option for single and gay couples to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Surrogacy Abroad Inc. holds the Intended Parents at the highest of regards and continues to bring affordable surrogacy now in Thailand. It is our aim to fulfill hundreds of IP’s dreams of parenthood come true, while still keeping the surrogate mother’s health as priority. Indeed, SAI has exclusive partnerships with the most elite clinics in Bangkok to deliver the best quality IVF and A.R.T. procedures that the city has to offer, while still maintaining our affordable cost!

Today there are more options available for couples who are unable to have children either because they have fertility problems or they are a gay couple. They can choose to adopt or look for a surrogate mother.

The choice you make has to be personal since this is a very important decision. If you feel that you need to be genetically related to the child, then you need to choose surrogacy procedures. Today we have traditional surrogacy as well as gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy the mother uses her own egg and the sperm is introduced via artificial insemination. Genetic surrogacy is where the surrogate carrier carries the eggs/sperms of the commissioned couple.

The cost of surrogacy in America is very expensive. It usually ranges between $100, 000 or more. It is also a very complex and costly procedure when you go through an agency since you have to pay them. There are many advantages when you go through an agency, therefore you should not try to go at it on your own. When it comes to solving problems relating to surrogacy the agency will be of great assistance. And this is where Surrogacy Abroad comes in picture. We are a full service agency delivering advice, support and bundles of joy.

Since domestic surrogacy has become very expensive, many couples have now turned to international surrogacy. India has for a while been offering couples from different countries the opportunity to have children through surrogacy.

Modern Family understands that surrogacy is a process in which you are emotionally and financially invested. You are not alone, we are here to take you by the hand and guide you through each and every step of the process. We are proud to have guided hundreds of families from all over the world through the Surrogacy process. We will be a resource for information AND an unparalleled support system. We will help you in a compassionate, friendly, and professional manner. We are the ONLY agency that will allow you to choose a Surrogate, speak with her, and confirm your match PRIOR to retaining our services or paying a fee. We take pride in making compatible matches and are dedicated to bringing our Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors the highest level of service possible.

We look forward to the opportunity to guide you through your journey to parenthood through Surrogacy.

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